Giving parents a hard time October 13 2014

I was chatting to one of our customer in the shop on Saturday.  She is a new mom to a little girl. She was telling me about her recent visit to her local GP. She was very upset at how she was spoken. The GP gave out to her for giving her baby a soother explaining the dangers of soothers.  As a new mom, she was a little nervous and overwhelmed as it was. She said that it really shook her confidence.


I'm an auntie but I chat to many moms each day in my shops.  It seems to me that parenting is unique to each and every parent. If a certain routine,a soother or whatever works for you and your little one then that should be okay. You are the parent.


I remembered another story from a new mom who received a visit from the district health nurse.  she was in shock. the nurse asked her if she was breastfeeding. the new mom replied honestly that she was trying her best and was using bottles as well.

The nurse marched into her kitchen, gathered up all the formula on the counter and dumped it in the bin. She said you are either breastfeeding or you are not. 

Understandably the new mom was shocked. 


New moms often tell me that it is an overwhelming time when you first welcome your little bundle - joy and exhaustion mixed together.

Shouldn't the professionals be a little kinder and supportive?